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ICPI WEEK 2023 (2023. 4. 18 - 21, KINTEX)
KOREA PACK & ICPI WEEK 2024 (2024. April.)


This exhibition will be held in both online and offline for a new change facing the era of COVID-19. Online PACK-ICPI - digital extension of the offline event, KOREA PACK & ICPI WEEK – will be launched from May (for 1 year). It will offer an online alternative for international visitors unable to travel to the offline show in Korea due to travel restrictions, adding valued services and infinite opportunities to connect, learn, trade and grow. KOREA PACK & ICPI WEEK is the best opportunity for positioning your brand, promoting new products & technology and building new partnerships in the industry.Get ready to meet KOREA PACK & ICPI WEEK exhibitors online!


The B2B exhibition showing th latest products and technologies of Value chain in the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries ICPI WEEK 2023 April 18(Tue.) - 21 (Fri.) 2023, KINTEX PARTICIPATE NOW


AUTONICS CORPORATION Established in 1977, Autonics is a leading company of sensors & controllers in Korea and the No. 1 exporting company as well, its world class products over 6,000 items are marketed in more than 100 countries worldwide to satisfy customer needs in various fields of Industrial Automation. ENTER


Hoong-A Corporation with half a century of history and technical know-how, Hoong-A has more than more than 800 customers in over 70 countries. As a leading manufacturer in the automatic packaging machinery industry, we are equipped with a full automated ine of blisters, cartoners, bundlers, case packers, and palletizers. About 70% of sales were achieved through exports, and we are proudly aligned with European competitors in terms of technology. ENTER


WOOJIN PLAIMM Woojin Plaimm is proud of leading the innovation of technology in the field of plastic injection molding machines with its R&D centers in Austria and in Korea which have developed well-advanced and state-of-the-art technology in collaboration with each other. Woojin is doing its business at more than forty business sites around the world with its subsidiaries in U.S.A, Austria, Mexico and China which have made a pivotal role. ENTER


LS Mtron Established in 1969, LS Mtron, leading the injection molding industry, is a comprehensive manufacturer producing a variety of products, ranging from 30 ton to 4,500 ton hydraulic and hybrid injection molding machine and 30 ton to 850 ton electric injection molding machine to 68 ton to 700 ton toggle-type injection molding machine.
Possessing outstanding technology and R&D capabilities, the company exports 60% of its products to over 50 countries through 32 proprietary sales and service offices located in 25 countries around the world.



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